Our values


In standard foreign language classes, progress can be painfully slow and frustrating. In our program, as students gain more confidence in listening, speaking, reading, writing and, most importantly, thinking in English, they can easily recognize how quickly they are naturally progressing towards fluency.


Acquiring English exclusively through content classes, thus avoiding the usual static teacher-centered language instruction, students are able to build on their prior knowledge to learn new skills and acquire knowledge of a variety of subjects that can improve their lives and enrich their understanding of themselves, their classmates and the world. Both now and in the future, such discoveries can prove to be invaluable.


Personal Skills
We develop through our classes critical thinking, decision making and problem solving.
Interpersonal skills
Communication skills: assertiveness, negotiation and conflict management skills.
Macro-level, ecosystem skills
Situation management skills and Societal skills.

System Immersion

Our Numbers

More than 3000 students have experienced our Immersion Program
100 %
of our students have improved their English level
More than 25,000 students learn English through our methodology